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Somersaulting Through Zero Gravity 

This is both the most scary and exhilarating time in history to be alive. The barrier to entry for virtually anything has dramatically decreased.  For the news biz, that’s scary. Anyone with a smart phone thinks they can be a journalist, and misinformation spreads like wildfire. Some of my older family members regurgitate headlines they read […]

The Top Regrets of the Dying

Palliative caregiver Bronnie Ware spent many years taking care of people from 30 to 80 years old who were all in their final moments of life. During that time, she had countless conversations reflecting on the biggest regrets of their lives — and what they would change, if they could change anything. The one truth we all […]

Swimming With Sharks

I’ve dived with hundreds of different sharks, and many different species. But nothing quite compares to this. The apex predator known as the great white, widely feared because of movies like Jaws is both alluring and elusive. They’re curious the way a dog might be, but understandably, a 15 foot great white shark swimming toward […]